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Love to run... did I mention that I love to run? Follow me as I run in really scenic places in my native Trinidad, and soon in different places across the World...

    17 years ago a small puddle of mud at the side of the road erupted with amazing force, sending tons of mud high into the air. In the space of a few minutes, 8 houses were covered completely, and the area the size of about 4 football fields was covered in nearly 2 storeys of mud.

    This is the story of the Piparo mud volcano. I was home at the time- my parents’ home is just about 2 miles away from the site. We heard the eruption. It was even featured on National Geographic. Grass only recently started growing on the mound… the sulphur content in the mud is very high. The crater is still bubbling, to this day.

    Have not visited in many years.

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    #piparo  #mud volcano  #trinidad & tobago 
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