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Love to run... did I mention that I love to run? Follow me as I run in really scenic places in my native Trinidad, and soon in different places across the World...

    20 miles this morning. On my route I bumped into my new trainer Gene Samuel,who owns the bike store I got the bike from, and who’s team I’m hoping to get on. This guy is a genuine national hero- you know, the kind of guy you have to learn about in school as a kid. And he’s training me. Cool.

    We did some laps and he tells me that I need to get at least 2000 miles in my legs before I really start training. BEFORE. Right. Also, I’ll have to go clipless as well by that time. So essentially I’m giving myself until the end of March/early April to get that done. Sounds daunting but it really isn’t. Getting that mileage on a bike isn’t bad, just have to make the time… that that’s were my running will have to suffer.

    As such, other than duathlons, I probably won’t be doing much road races this year. There are a couple of endurance races I want to do, but that’s it. Probably. And I’ll still run when I can during the week. But I also need to find time to do about 150 miles a week minimum on the bike. Right.

    I did say this was a year of cycling though. ┬ácan’t do things half way. I didn’t make the investment in the bike to be a casual rider. I want to be good at it. So gonna have to make the time. I have more or less met/passed most of my running goals, so going to give this a shot.

    And it was freezing this morning. Apparently the weather guys have been saying that the polar vortex is affecting us a bit too. This morning, at 7:00 am, with the sun high in the sky, I was shivering on my bike. It was low 20’s, maybe late teens (celcius), which I know is laughable to most of you, but when the daily temps are in the mid 80-90’s on a daily basis, you get the idea.

    Oh, and that cup has an interesting mix of ingredients that I won’t get into now, but it basically replaced breakfast. Powerful stuff. Still can’t manage a smile for selfies, sorry…

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