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Love to run... did I mention that I love to run? Follow me as I run in really scenic places in my native Trinidad, and soon in different places across the World...

    Yes, I’m fully aware that many of you are in Fall, heading into winter. Its probably cold. And wet. I’d like to sympathize with you but I can’t. I’m also not going to apologise for living on a tropical island. If it really bugs you that I have this weather 365 days of the year, well, you’ll just have to visit sometime. I MAY take you around.

    This was my weekend in Tobago. Finally got the pics off the card, as that camera is now dead (survived a fall from the bike, while I was cycling- fell into a little water on the beach and died).

    Was only able to run once, and this week is turning into a beast, but will be back at ‘em soon enough.

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    1. winterfellwillrise said: No one should be allowed to live in such lovely weather 24/7, you need some rain in your life. x
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