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Love to run... did I mention that I love to run? Follow me as I run in really scenic places in my native Trinidad, and soon in different places across the World...

    Kids’ school had a Walk-a-Thon this morning- one lap around the Savannah. The wife and I took our Minimus’ for the walk… she said her’s was fine- for me, my heel hurt just a tad. I’m a bit of a heel striker  which these shoes don’t really allow (zero drop),  but after reading Born to Run, I’m willing to re-teach myself how to run.

    While the price is still insanely low, I’ll probably get another, and use it to walk about in, to get the practice.

    There were some really inconsiderate drivers on the road this morning- traffic had to stop a couple of times to let the kids pass. And people wonder why kids are undisciplined- all they have to do is look at the adults.

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