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Love to run... did I mention that I love to run? Follow me as I run in really scenic places in my native Trinidad, and soon in different places across the World...

    Pick 6.

    OK Helen, here goes… and it was harder than I thought- should have been pick 10 :)

    1) My first trip to the UK back in 2009. I was there for 7 days and it rained for 6. It least the sunny day was the only day I had for sightseeing, so I call that a win.

    2) My gangsta’ days back at uni. This would have been taken in the year 2000, the year I graduated. Final year was tough, but living on Hall with these great lads made it bearable. I still have that shirt.

    3) A work conference in the Dominican Republic back in 2012. It was the same day I was propositioned by a pimp with two lovely ladies offering ‘massages’…

    4) A 10K race the wife and I did back in 2012. Always great the run with her, and it doesn’t happen often.

    5) Probably my first selfie ever. On a work trip to St. Kitts back in 2008, climbed up a hill and saw that gorgeous view. I decided that I had to be in the picture, as evidence that I was actually there.

    6) I was probably 4 or 5 in that picture. It is Maracas Beach, where I go from time to time on the bike or a run. I was eating, which is something I did a lot then, as I do now. If I didn’t have a high metabolism, I’d be the size of a house.

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    I chose the bike ride, and I didn’t die. 

    In fact it was great. I was a bit nervous that I would not have been able to keep the pace, but I did, without having to push too hard- in fact had to hold back for most of it.

    In all we covered 51 miles on a pretty flat surface. There was some rain for a bit, nothing major. And a few hills.


    We started with about 20 riders. At the half way point the elites kept going- they probably did double the distance. At the end it was just four of us- a couple of the ladies opted to go back with the support vehicle. 

    We came back a lot faster than we went out. It felt great opening up on the highway, but we had to check our speed from time to time, as one of the guys was struggling a bit.


    I was able to maintain a pace of about 30-35 kph without a problem for most of it, and got up to just about 40-45 kph when we were going guns. And I was able to maintain it. I’ll have to learn to manage my water though. Needed a potty break on the way back down, and had to hold it cuz we weren’t stopping.That made things a tad uncomfortable.


    This group rides every Sunday morning, which isn’t always convenient for me, as that is Church time- but at least once a month I’ll switch Mass times and try and make it.


    I may do a race soon, because I’d really like to open up on the road to see how fast and far I can go.

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    The Dilemma

    On Sunday, I can do either one of 2 things:

    1. Run a half marathon that I have not trained for. And by not trained for, I have actually not run a mile or more in close to 6-8 weeks. I have been on my bike quite a bit though, but its not the same. Also, my schedule will not allow me to get a run in before Sunday.


    2. Join a group ride, where I will have to maintain 18 mph (about 35 kph) for 2 hours straight. That would mean covering about 40 miles in 2 hours. I usually cover that distance in 2.5 hours on my own. In truth, you do ride faster with a group. But you could also be dropped by the group. The ride leader said he could slow it down if I cant keep up, but I don’t want to be that guy. Nope, I don’t. 

    The safer (less embarrassing) of the 2 would be the run. I’ve done at least 2 half’s without training, but at the very least I was covering a few miles leading up. I do think I could keep up for a while on the ride, but doubtful of the 2 hours. Plus I don’t know the route yet.

    Any thoughts on Which I should attempt?

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    There is a half of Sunday that I’m considering doing. Considering that I haven’t had a good run in a couple of months, it will require a bit more than considering. But, I’ve run at least 2 half’s with no training whatsoever, so its a possibility.

    There is also a relay option, and I’ve asked a few running friends if they want to attempt it. Will need 6 persons, 2 miles or so each. Only 2 others have said yes, but thinking I’ll do the full thing anyway.

    I should run a bit this week though. That may help. Just a tad.

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    National Sprint & Olympic Triathlon Championships

    There were many familiar faces on the podium at the National Sprint & Olympic Triathlon Championships, held this weekend in Chaguramas by the Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon Federation. Last year’s champion David Cottle was unable to attend to defend his title, but former National Champion Ancil Greene did not disappoint with a first place finish. He was followed in closely by Ryan Mendes and Jonah Camps, both of whom continue to perform consistently at a high level.

    Among the ladies, Kiyomi Rankine was the lone female competitor to take the plunge in the Olympic distance, and put in a commendable performance.

     It was a close finish in the Sprint category which saw National Junior Duathlon Champion Joshua Ho in first place, followed closely by Nicolas Mitchell, another consistent performer. The top three was rounded off by Matthew Chung. 

     Renee Chin Lee and Maia Nieves were the top performers among the ladies. There was also a high level of participation among the age groupers, including Bruce Mac Intosh, a regular participant at 70 years of age.

    Copyright 2014, Shaun Rambaran / Forge Business Imagery, All Rights Reserved

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    This is Neal Petersen. I had no idea who he was until the 10 year old skipper of the boat I was in told me. He’s been in Trinidad for the past few days, on another trip around the World it seems.
That’s the life…

    This is Neal Petersen. I had no idea who he was until the 10 year old skipper of the boat I was in told me. He’s been in Trinidad for the past few days, on another trip around the World it seems.

    That’s the life…

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    Been a hectic couple of days. Yesterday was the National Triathlon Championships, and in some aspects it did not go as planned. All the events came off, and there were no incidents, but logistically it was a nightmare.

    I was out in a dinghy all morning…

    For one, many of the volunteers did not show up. We did not get funding from the government, and one of the sponsors pulled out at the last minute. The site organisers also did not clean the venue before we got there. We had to rush to get things done as a result with few hands, so all the bases were not adequately covered. It was an intense day, but all ended up OK in the end. 

    Being a sport administrator is hard work. Apart from working full time, you have to put aside a lot of time to get events done and manage the athletes under your purview. And when there are few hands, it makes it a lot more difficult. But someone has to do it, or the sport does not develop.

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