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Love to run... did I mention that I love to run? Follow me as I run in really scenic places in my native Trinidad, and soon in different places across the World...

    Down in the southlands, visiting family. Got a run in. A beach was involved. And a mangrove forest. That is all.

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    Found this video that shows my usual running spots- the Queens Park Savannah and Lady Chancellor Hill. Not sure how the gymnasts fi in, but still a cool video.

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    Hooray, final version is live :).

    Hooray, final version is live :).

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    #book  #amazon  #kindle  #HR  #Human Resources Adventures of an HR Manager: How to use Human Resources to improve Organizational Results eBook: Jeremy Francis: Kindle Store →

    So I’ve done this thing. I finally published one of my manuscripts on Amazon this morning. 

    Publishing a book has been on my bucket list for a very long time. In fact, I finished my first book about 10 years ago. After a rejection or two from publishers, I lost the zeal, and forgot about it for a few years.

    Then self publishing became a thing, but I was sceptical, so again, a few more years passed.

    I actually wrote this book back in 2007. But I decided to go with this one first because it relates directly to my consulting business, and I can use it as a marketing tool.

    After a couple days of editing and re-reading, I sent it in this morning, and its already showing up in the Kindle store- though Amazon says they are still checking some of my changes, and will upload the final within 12 hours or so.

    What prompted me to go ahead with it was a documentary I saw on BBC last week about independent publishing. It was inspiring. And I’m thinking- I have 2 books lying on my computer for years- why not put them out there?

    The second book- the older one in a fiction. I will publish it soon as well, but in 3 volumes, like LotR and GoT. Not because it’s as good as those, but because its actually quite long.

    This book is a pretty short read, and will only be interesting to people in the field of HR and Management. If you are familiar with the One Minute Manager series by Ken Blanchard, it is written in a similar style, and is of similar length. I got to meet him once, and he autographed one of his books for me. That was a big day. Like I said, it will help me to promote my business locally and regionally.

    I’m quite happy and excited by this. Mostly because I can exercise my own creative freedom to get my work out there. I don’t expect to make a lot of money out of it. If fact, publishing it this way costs me nothing. If any gets sold, I get a royalty- if none gets sold, I (and Amazon) get nothing. It allows me to see how this process works, and who knows, I may write more as a result. Independent publishing is my next big thing.

    So if you’re into HR and business, I wouldn’t mind your support in checking it out. If I write and/or publish more, will definitely post here. 

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    Running happened. Although there is no proof outside of these pictures because my Garmin was searching satellites the whole time. It was overcast though.

    Just one lap of the savannah (2.2 miles)- have not made that run in some time. Let’s see if I can get back to the time I used to do this 4 times a week…

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    Also went cycling today. Note to self, if you have little patience, don’t try to teach someone who may or may not be a tad strong-willed how to adjust gears on her bike.

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    Took the wife zip-lining today. Think its safe to say she enjoyed it.

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    From the ride this morning- new habits die hard.

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    This was last year. This event happened again today. I didn’t participate, though some of the team members from last year did. I just wasn’t into it this year. After doing the event for the past 2 years, just was not pumped up about doing it again. Which is very unlike running races.

    I can do the same running races year in, year out, and not feel like its a bore. But having done this adventure race twice… meh. Granted last year my team and I were featured on ESPN because of it, I remember distinctly not feeling to do it last year either (though the prospect of being filmed soon tipped me over).

    Have not got reports as yet, but I’m sure it was a blast. Maybe I’ll do it again next year. One thing I’m sure of, I’m into year 4 or this exercise thing, and its not going anywhere.

    Guessing in the long ‘run’ adventure races may not be my thing. Endurance races though… sign me up!

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